Sustainable beauty


At SCENS, we are committed to quality, safety and sustainability through transparency and honesty about our ingredients, packaging and corporate efforts.
Studies show the toxicity of conventional cosmetics. We are always looking for natural and environmentally-friendly emulsifiers and ingredients for our products. For us, it is not about “being trendy”, it is our mindset. The benefits of “green” beauty products are undeniable, not only for their quality but also for their long-term results.


Nature is part of our DNA. We therefore highly focus on Environmental Sustainability and are strongly committed to protecting the environment, Mother Earth and its beauty.

Environmental Responsibility

We believe we all need to participate in global consciousness efforts for a better earth. This is why we care about social and environmental responsibility. One of the main benefits of sustainable products is the environmental impact they have which is less damaging.
They are too many plastics in land fields and oceans, too many petrochemicals in conventional cosmetics that are toxic pollutants and degrade not only the environment but also our bodies.

Premium Eco-packaging

SCENS cosmetics are packed in glass bottles. Glass is not only more eco-friendly than plastic for Nature, but it also prevents any potential damage to cosmetics caused by exposure to natural light and Oxygen. Our premium bottles and jars allows to maintain our cosmetics’ full integrity and conserve their benefits and natural properties.

Glass is one of the most sustainable and eco-friendly forms of packaging. No matter how many times it is recycled, its quality never diminishes.

Sustainable Sourcing

Because we deeply respect nature, we extract the essence of each ingredient through the best process suited to the specific plant part containing the oils and ingredients needed. We may for example use a process of cold press extraction, steam distillation, water distillation or even Enfleurage to keep intact and pure the essence and potency of all the properties of each ingredient. This allows us to offer highly concentrated, ultra-effective results on the skin for each and every one of our cosmetics.

Fair Trade

We highly value the relationships we have with all of our suppliers. We only engage in Fair Trade to ensure everyone benefit from the relationship and to maintain the highest standards of service and products.

Pretending to take care of people’s skins without taking care of the Environment and Nature would not make any sense to us. That’s why our DNA is being 100% ORGANIC, VEGAN and Clean Beauty.

Steven Bullon, Founder of SCENS.


We carefully choose our ingredients to create the most natural, quality and effective formulas.


Natural ingredients and components are less likely to cause skin irritation or allergic reactions than chemical ingredients. They also provide very effective results, due to the high-quality.
The quality of our sustainable products rely on the healing properties found naturally in plants and flowers components, which are ingredients that ancient civilizations have been using for centuries.

Product Quality & Long-Term Health & Beauty

While petrochemicals may deliver short-term results, SCENS natural formulas treat skin’s needs deeply, delivering thus long-term results without putting the consumer at risk.

in addition, natural ingredients are less toxic and less likely to cause any allergy or skin irritation while the long-term effects of chemical cosmetics can be highly toxic to humans and the environment. Years of use of synthetic/chemical cosmetics use has been traced to acne, hormonal imbalance, headaches, and premature aging.

By choosing sustainable cosmetics, a consumer cares and invests about its long-term health and beauty.