Philosophy & values

Because Mother Nature is powerful, and holds the finest active ingredients in the world, SCENS found its inspiration in it to create exclusive and unique cosmetics.

Our aim is to offer a line of cosmetics that would be Natural, Vegan, Organic and of High-Quality to provide the skin with ultra-effective results in a luxurious and eco-friendly manner.


Because we love Nature, we are committed to only use ingredients that are organic and vegan. We firmly believe in the great power and benefits of plants and flowers and feel a strong commitment towards the animal kingdom. Therefore, all our products are free from any animal derived ingredients, and unlike many other vegan brands, we do not even use beeswax.


Thanks to the purity and effectiveness of our cosmetics, a continued use allows the skin to improve its overall appearance and condition.

These results are due to the concentration of the active ingredients and the intense formulations that moisturize, regenerate, brighten and correct the texture of the skin.


Nature is part of our DNA and we are committed to the environment and mother nature. For this reason, SCENS never used cellophane and has eliminated all those unnecessary and harmful plastics in all its packaging.

In addition, our containers are made of tinted glass at its base. In this way we naturally protect the ingredients from light and the outside atmosphere and allow our natural preservatives to act so that nothing disturbs the properties of our active ingredients.



At SCENS, we do not believe in one cosmetic for WOMEN and another for MAN. However, we do believe that there are different types of skin and that each of them requires its appropriate cosmetic. Knowing how to identify your skin type, regardless of your gender, and using an appropriate cosmetic, is without any doubt one of the keys to obtaining the perfect beauty routine. At SCENS, we develop cosmetics, treatments and solutions for each skin type in order to obtain the best possible results.


Because we deeply respect nature, our powerful ingredients are sourced the most natural ways. Our suppliers use sustainable processes to keep intact and pure the essence and potency of each ingredient so that we offer highly concentrated, ultra-effective results for each and every one of our cosmetics.

We engage in sustainable sourcing and Fair Trade. We are fully committed to respect our Partners, Customers, Animals and Nature. We believe in fairness and honesty between people and towards Nature. We always engage in fair commercial relationships with our suppliers while preserving the beauty of our planet and what it has to offer. 


“SCENS purpose is to offer Natural,
Vegan, Organic and High-Quality cosmetics that provide the skin
with ultra-effective results in a luxurious
and eco-sustainable environment”


quality test

All the ingredients used by SCENS comply with rigorous standards of maximum quality and are tested for their purity, potency and proven effectiveness. Only then do they become part of our cosmetics.


What we put on our body is as important as what we put in it. For us, it is not about “being trendy”, it is our mindset. 

At SCENS, we are committed to quality, safety and sustainability through transparency and honesty about our ingredients, packaging and corporate efforts. 

SCENS products are made of organic and vegan ingredients that are FREE from toxins, synthetic chemicals. There are no GMOs, no parabens of any kind, no petrochemicals, no sulfates, no fillers, no artificial dyes, no artificial fragrances. SCENS delivers proven results without causing harm to our health or the environment.


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