Nature is part of our DNA. We therefore highly focus on Environmental Sustainability and are strongly committed to protecting the environment, Mother Earth and its beauty. It’s why, SCENS cosmetics are packed in dark glass bottles in order to preserve nature and prevent any damage caused by exposure to natural light and Oxygen. Our premium bottles and jars allows to maintain our cosmetics’ full integrity and conserve their benefits and natural properties. Glass is eco-friendly as opposed to plastic bottles.


Because we deeply respect nature, we extract the essence of each ingredient through the best process suited to the specific plant part containing the oils and ingredients needed. We may for example use a process of cold press extraction, steam distillation, water distillation or even Enfleurage to keep intact and pure the essence and potency of all the properties of each ingredient. This allows us to offer highly concentrated, ultra-effective results on the skin for each and every one of our cosmetics.


We believe in fairness and honesty between people and towards nature. We always engage in a fair commercial relationship with our suppliers while preserving the beauty of our planet and what it has to offer. We simply refuse and do not offer harmful cosmetics regardless of the potential additional financial gain they could bring. We are fully committed to respect our partners, customers, animals and Nature.